ELKHART LAKE, WI (August 7, 2021) – During constant rain and, at times, downpours, the seventh round of the Michelin Pilot Challenge Championship ran on the 4-mile circuit at Road America in Wisconsin. However, Team TGM gave both Chevy Camaro GT4.Rs very respectable and hard-fought mid-field finishes.

Team TGM owner/driver, Ted Giovanis racing in #64 with co-driver Owen Trinkler finished fourteenth and said, “This was a race of survival, and both cars finished in decent positions, which is a win on a day like today.

“Owen and I were able to move through the field and gain about ten positions from where we started, and that’s a great indication of how well we are working together and with the team to learn the Camaros and meld our driving styles in this first year co-driving together.”

Brothers and co-drivers of the #46 Team TGM Camaro, Matt and Hugh Plumb, who have a previous win in IMSA competition at Road America finished in thirteenth. “Matt and Hugh did a great job today in terrible conditions. They had a couple of on-track mishaps which were the kind of things that are bound to happen on a wet, slippery track.”

“We’re more than halfway through the season and going to some tracks which we have had good success in past years. This year has been full of firsts and development. The driving pairings are new, and it’s our inaugural full-season with the Chevy Camaro GT4.R and I’d say we’re doing really well overall.”

Next on the schedule for Michelin Pilot Challenge competition will be WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca on September 10-12.

Ted Giovanis

“I think the race went really well, as a matter of fact, when you gauge how far we came up from where we started. The rain was a complication, but it really wasn’t because I’m better in the rain than I think I am, so I think I demonstrated that. I held my own, and I was able to post some of my fastest times, not against dry racing, but in the wet today. All in all, I did what I was supposed to, and when Owen took over, he did his usual great job.”


Owen Trinkler

“I love this place even in the wet. Ted did a great job in the opening stint, ran some of his best times in the rain here today and stayed with the pack. As far as coaching him and working through the weekend, he made a great improvement. We jumped up ten spots but probably could have done a bit better, however we had a bit of an issue with timing of fueling, but we’ll talk about that as a team and improve. We’ll move onto Laguna Seca next and build some momentum for the remainder of the season. I’m super happy for Ted and what he did here today, and we’ll build on that.“


Hugh Plumb

“Wow, that’s all I can say is wow, what a race. It started out wet and got wetter. I got hit early in the race and that sent us to the back of the GS pack and that’s when I handed the car over to Matt who did a good job working back though the field. As always, the crew did a great job. Thanks to Ted for the opportunity and congrats on his good race, and I want to wish Kristina a Happy Birthday.”

Matt Plumb

“So we finished 13th, and on first glance we all think it wasn’t a great weekend as far as results. But I feel that success in this sport comes from making the most of whatever situation you’re in. We started the weekend in a tough situation, we basically got no practice time working through issues we had.
“We went into qualifying with no real set up but Hugh did a great job, then we went into the race with not a lot of time in the wet in this car. I’m very proud of the fact that we got through the race and came out half way in one piece, although there is a hole in the “kink” that might say otherwise.”

Ted Giovanis the author

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