WATKINS GLEN, NY (July 2, 2021) – Fuel strategy, a well-timed late-race caution, and brilliant driving earned Team TGM a podium finish in the second of the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge races at Watkins Glen International.  

All eyes were on the skies today as the race’s green flag fell on the Sahlen’s 120 under ominous clouds.  But the rain held off until just laps before the checkered flag and the fuel strategy became a numbers game throughout the event. In the end, a late-race caution gave the fuel save the #46 Chevy Camaro needed to hold onto their hard-fought third-place finish.  

Finishing driver Matt Plumb explained, “Crazy race for us as we worked on fuel conservation, trying to keep us from coming in to get a splash there at the end which was going beautifully until once again we got a full course caution with 13-minutes to go.  

That seems to be the story of our year so far. The guys get us up to the front, there is a caution and then usually we get marched back there at the end. Fortunately, yet terrifyingly, the rain came out during the last lap or two, so it was a question of who was going to take the biggest chances.”

For Team TGM, this podium caps a celebratory week as Monday the news was released that team owner and driver, Ted Giovanis’s newly released book, BEYOND FEAR, which was commemorated on Team TGM’s race car livery at Watkins Glen, was #1 in books sales for the category, giving the racing Champion, a new title, best-selling author.

Giovanis was pleased with the team’s performance, “I think we did really well today, I think we did as good as we really could expect. There are a few things that we still have issues with. All in all, Hugh drove a great first stint, Matt finished it up and did a great stint.

“We’ve had our challenges this year, not the least of which is parody in performance regulations, so this podium was very special and well-deserved. The team has worked incredibly hard to keep us competitive and the result today is a tribute to talented driving and a great team.

Next up for Team TGM will be the Lime Rock Park 120 on July 16 and 17, a two-hour sprint race. Practice #1 will be Friday, July 16 at 10:05am and broadcast on IMSA radio.


Ted Giovanis

“It was a great day for the team with a good finish. Of course, Owen jumped into our car #64 and ran really well. We went a lap down but it was because I lost a little bit of time in my stint, but Owen was running great times. We had a minor issue with the car that didn’t play to our advantage.
“So all in all I think we had a really great day, I would have wanted both cars in the top ten of course, but this will do. We don’t have any crash damage and we are headed to Lime Rock, a track we’ve had a lot of success at.
“I’ve already gotten some track time there a couple of months ago, hopefully, I will be up-to-speed, as I had some good results when I was there earlier this year.”


Owen Trinkler

“It was a good race back at Watkins Glen for the #64 Camaro GT4R. Really happy for the team; Matt, Hugh, Ted, and everybody on the team, we got a podium finish here.
“Good team effort, we worked on some things yesterday that played out for the #46 car, getting it up to the front.
“The #64 car ran well, we got a lap down and just never could get it back. Kinda the same story we had last weekend.
“We’re headed to Lime Rock where we are two-time winners. We’re on a roll with the podium here today, so we’ll head to Lime Rock, a place I love going to, and we’ll see what we can do.


Hugh Plumb

“Really, really positive day today, ending up P3. So excited for the team, for Ted and for everyone here at Team TGM who has worked tirelessly to make this happen. Today was about just getting up to the front if possible and we were able to do that.
“Really just consistency for us plus mistakes being made behind me. The BMW and I kind of got out to a bit of a lead when I gave the car to Matt.
“It was a bit dicey there at the end because we were going to run out of fuel before the end, so the yellow flag helped us out in a big way. I’m so grateful to be a part of these guys and to finally have a bit of luck on our side.
“When the yellows fall is beyond us but we needed that and finally we got a bit of lady luck.
“Hats off to the team, Ted and Kristina. A great race and hopefully more to come.“

Matt Plumb

“A positive day in the second race here at Watkins Glen. We’re moving in the right direction. We were fifth the first time out and now third and on the podium.
“It’s a personal win for the team with this new Camaro GT4R. Fortunately, yet terrifyingly, the rain came out during the last lap or two, so it was a question of who was going to take the biggest chances.
“I knew where we were quicker versus the car behind me and we were pretty well matched up on straight away speeds which kept it even and honest between the two of us.
“The two of us were holding up quite a train, but as I told Ted, I wasn’t going to give up the position after the kind of luck and string of results after lots of should of, could of, would of year we’ve been having.
“I’m glad it all worked well and looking forward to Lime Rock.”

Ted Giovanis the author

FOCUS FORWARD: Life lessons from racing

Life comes at you fast when you’re traveling 180 miles per hour. For Ted Giovanis, it’s also where you can learn the most valuable lessons. Since becoming a race car driver three decades ago at age forty-six—a ride that is still in overdrive—Giovanis has discovered how the tools of racing and the teamwork within it are applicable to life and business. In forty-eight motivating and, at times, exhilarating chapters, he shares his experience and knowledge.