LAKEVILLE, CT (Saturday, July 17, 2021) – Team TGM continued its strong Lime Rock form from recent years with a pair of top-ten finishes for both of the team’s Chevrolet Camaros today.

With ambient temps well into the high 80s and a caution filled 2-hour race, Team TGM came home with the #46 car driven by Matt and Hugh Plumb taking seventh place and the #64 car driven by team owner Ted Giovanis and Owen Trinkler having their best finish of the year in tenth.

After the race, Giovanis said, “I think it went as good as can be expected really. We have two cars in the top ten with a P7 and P10. Of course, we wanted more, but all in all, everything went pretty well. There were a lot of yellows, but even through those, we made good progress.”

“We all wanted to get the three-peat after winning here the past two IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge races (2018 and 2019), but it wasn’t in the cards today. Everyone on the team did a great job, and I think Joe Varde had a good strategy, but cautions didn’t always go our way.”

“It was a good run for the points, and Owen and I finished better than we have all season. I think our consistency is improving, and Hugh and Matt both did a great job in the #46.”

Next on the schedule, the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge will visit Elkhart Lake’s Road America in Wisconsin, going from the shortest (Lime Rock) to the longest track of the season on August 6-8.

Ted Giovanis

“I was consistent with my times. Matt and Hugh did exceptionally well. Those guys drove really well – Hugh had a good first stint, and Matt had to manage the tires, but the strategy was strong and we’re happy with the finish.”


Owen Trinkler

“It was a good race for the team finishing top ten with both cars. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the repeat win we were hoping for, but we got a great result with the #64 car. Ted did an awesome job in the opening stint here at Lime Rock Park. And then we came away with a 10th place on the lead lap; it’s great momentum for our car going to Road America in a couple of weeks.”


Hugh Plumb

“It was a relatively uneventful race for me. There were a lot of yellows, but the Team TGM Chevy Camaro GT4.R was awesome. I gave the car to Matt in second, and he really had the hard job to do. It was very hot and we don’t have the power that we should, but I’m not going to cry over that now. As a team, we did a great job, made excellent stops, and Matt drove a hell of a race as always. It was a good points race for us, and that’s a great takeaway from today’s race.”

Matt Plumb

“The race was good, it was hot but lots of fun racing with a lot of great competitors. We had some great battles with everyone giving each other room.
“We had some handling issues that probably prevented us from finishing a little higher and didn’t quite get the yellows to fall the way we wanted.
“I can’t thank the competitors enough for good racing; it’s just so much fun racing with and around these people. It’s what racing should be.”

Ted Giovanis the author

FOCUS FORWARD: Life lessons from racing

Life comes at you fast when you’re traveling 180 miles per hour. For Ted Giovanis, it’s also where you can learn the most valuable lessons. Since becoming a race car driver three decades ago at age forty-six—a ride that is still in overdrive—Giovanis has discovered how the tools of racing and the teamwork within it are applicable to life and business. In forty-eight motivating and, at times, exhilarating chapters, he shares his experience and knowledge.